Why Vernier?

Time – it’s your most precious commodity. In the accelerated pace of today’s all-consuming trading environments, private broking services give you the freedom to focus on priorities, ensuring you stay in complete control of all your investment decisions without the need to micro-manage every trade.

Your broker acts strictly on your behalf; giving you access to deep-rooted market and product expertise, establishing best prices, placing your orders, alerting you when things move, managing limits and more sophisticated trades. Backed by the assurance of first class administration and seamless settlement.

All trading involves risk. 


Vernier is specifically structured to meet the distinct needs of mid-market clients looking for a more agile, flexible and individual approach. At a time when mid-cap clients have become casualties of change, we are the only broker to offer a tailored solution combining institutional-grade service with the lighter touch of a smaller, independent firm.

  • 24hr voice execution via experienced personal brokers.
  • Access to the leading electronic trading platforms.
  • Expert commentary from accomplished market professionals.
  • Comprehensive multi-asset offering across worldwide markets.
  • Direct market access and deep, transparent, multi-source liquidity.


Our brokers have extensive buy and sell side experience built over years managing client needs. As the task of following the markets becomes ever more complex, and expanding into new products increasingly challenging, your broker is an expert on hand to clarify market developments, find and negotiate the best prices, and execute and monitor sophisticated trades.

“Personal relationships are at the heart of our business. Our clients trust us because they know us, and they know we put their interests first.”

Charles Hamilton


We invest our time in getting to know you better, so you feel confident investing your trust in us. Our clients deal directly with an experienced private broker committed to understanding and responding to their specific needs. The key point of contact in a uniquely flexible service model where you define the level of interaction, commentary and support you require.


We offer a comprehensive product range across all major asset classes with direct access to every leading exchange worldwide and reliable liquidity from a network of top-tier institutional partners. We execute a wide and inclusive variety of requests and orders, with a compliance function that can accommodate complex requirements without a restrictive value floor.


We offer efficient, reliable, impartial access to the global markets as a genuine partner. We’re committed to fast, high quality execution via leading edge technology with complete transparency. Sales, execution, compliance, data and administration are managed in house, ensuring clear pricing and accurate, timely reporting.


We’re non-conflicted and operate without proprietary bias. Our autonomy means we never put our own interests ahead of our clients’. We don’t take positions in markets where we operate and we won’t hedge against you for profit or to cover risk. You can take confidence from a consistent commitment to meeting your demands. Whatever your goals, we’re aligned.